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'05 LGT Wagon w/ 89k - What to do?
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I might get torched for this, but I need some advice, so here goes

I got my '05 LGT 5MT Wagon 3.5 years ago with 35k on the odo. I have 89k on the odo now, and I still owe $7k (I rolled in some $ from a previous car).

Car has been obviously great, but now I feel like I've come to pivot -- Either I sell now (while the miles still make it attractive to another buyer), or I keep it for the long haul (and not expect to get anything for it later).

Part of me wants something new, but there isn't anything out there matching exactly what I want (manual wagon that's not a turd), and the other stuff is much more expensive.

So, do I dig in for the long haul and, if so, what am I facing in terms of maintenance/repairs? And if I keep it for the long haul, do I finally spend the $500 to get an AP (I never wanted before in case I was going to sell the car -- I wanted to sell it as being "stock")? Or should I avoid adding one at this point?

Or do I sell it now, shed the $7k, and look for something newer?

I can live paying down the $7k to keep this car, I'm just afraid that I'll start incurring substantial repair and maintenance bills. I'm starting to see some small issues here and there, and I am afraid it's coming. Also, should I steer clear of the AP if I'm afraid of added repair costs?

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