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Originally Posted by JayInVA View Post

Reset the trip meter at the last fill-up. It's at 1/4 down (3/4 full) with only ~35 miles. That would (if correct) put me at 140 miles/tank [8.28 mpg based on full 16.9gal tank). Which would suck (if correct). I do a strictly-city commute. About 3.15 miles each way, 4 trips/day. (To and fro + lunch trip). About 6 stop signs/lights.

The console readout shows 18.5 mpg. I usually hover around 18-22mpg on the dash. And can get it up to 24-25 on a longish road trip (180mi to my parents house and back).

It could be a combination of the misfire problem I had + the fact that I only put 12 gallons in (tank was on E before and full after but I would guess their is some tank capacity beyond E and F that kinda thew off the numbers. I can usually get some miles on a tank beyond E but I filled up right as soon as it hit E this time.).

And also I drive like an asshole sometimes.
Originally Posted by Sbui View Post
Damn there got to be something wrong with my car I use to get about 220 miles on a full tank now I'm only getting about 150-160, I know don't have a leak any other idea of what it could be?

Have you guy's had your cars tuned yet ? Most of us get better mpg with a tune.
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