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06silvarubilLGT's Rebuild Thread
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So as some of you know the motor in my LGT is on its way out. I had to move some finances around to make it happen, but I was able to put up enough money to get a Forged build done, and wanted to keep it documented and get some opinions. Im not building this thing for big numbers, not even putting a bigger turbo on it at first. So keep that in mind, its just a "stronger than stock" build. The VF40 that's on the car has only 35k on it at this point so Im gunna stay with it, unless I find and issue with it upon removal. Biggest turbo Id probably ever run is an 18G-ish due to the 5EAT, but that's later if ever. And of course I do have a budget so have to keep that in mind.
First off I would like to thank any vendor that has assisted me in the process, Ive not ordered anything yet, so you all will receive a portion of business in the next few weeks.
I going to be pulling the long-block myself, and sending everything to a local machine shop to be bored/spec'd/assembled

Short Block- Have
Forged Wiseco Pistons- Have
Nitride Crank- Have
Manley Rods- Have
ARP Headstuds- Have
10mm Oil Pump-
Moroso Oil Pickup- Have
OE HeadGasket
Gates Timing Kit
Remove Banjo Filters
Filtered Turbo Oil Feed- Already installed
Perrin LWCP- Have
ACL Bearings
TIC FU Bolts- Have

Standard Refresh (with any needed replacement parts)
3 Angle Valve Job

STi Fuel Pump Control Module- Have
Walbro or DW Fuel Pump (if bigger turbo goes its way)

Its Me FMIC- Have
Typhoon Intake- Have
Forge BPV- Have
Top-feed Conversion w/TGV deleted- In Process
840cc Injectors- Have
STi Intake or N/A Intake Manifold- Have STi one, haven't decided which route I want to go

VF52- Have

Perrin Column Pod- Have
AEM WB- Have
ProSport Mech Boost Gauge- Have
ProSport Oil Pressure- Have

Perrin Turbo Inlet
PnP Headers

Hayden External Cooler (already installed)
Derale Fluid T-stat for Trans (waiting for install)
Hexmods VB-
Rallitek Comfort Insert- Ordered
AP Pitch Mount- Ordered

So at this point please post any useful suggestions or additions to my list.

Also since its the 5EAT, is it a pain to get A/T separated from the engine? All the subies Ive ownd were MT.
Thanks guys, enjoy the coming story and pics..

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