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Originally Posted by dmanaenk View Post
Do you really need HP?
For $23k you can get a new Impreza. With MT it's fairly peppy.

Resale value of 2010 cars from now on isn't gonna be good. New car sales were low in 2009-2011, so now there is shortage of 2-3 y/o cars that are still under some kind of warranty, and prices are high. Prices won't be high forever, since they will be competing against used cars of a broader ages and conditions, with expired warranties.
So people currently buying 09-11 vintage used cars will end up being the ones who bear most of the depreciation, instead of new car buyers.

I'd be looking for 07-08 cars, if I really needed some HP. Some nice low-mileage 3.0R.
I prefer to have some HP especially with the AWD. I agree with the Impreza but this car will probably be shared with my fiance once we move in together and she can't drive a stick shift. If it wasn't for sharing, I would've gone for the WRX in a heartbeat. But unfortunately, that is not the case

If the car performs good and doesn't cause a lot of trouble and if i'm love with it, I will probably keep it for at least 5+ years and by that time I won't be fighting for resale value.

I went to my Honda dealership today for maintenance and rear brake job, asked for an estimate for my accord v6 coupe, I was told $15K. I got about $14.5K left on my finance loan so it's about equal.

And personally, I prefer the design of the 2010+ Legacy. I think it looks more like a family sedan and in SPW I think it looks surprisingly good. I found a 2011 3.6R Limited nearby and I'm thinking of test-driving that one even though I won't be getting it. It's priced at $25K and it's limited which I don't want. I'm gonna test drive it just to see how it rides, seating and etc.