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Originally Posted by 1337Logic View Post
The warranty company still refuses to pay, after speaking with 3 reps and 2 diff managers, I wrote to the BBB, and will be going about this all out of pocket.

Spoke with the mechanic again today, he finally reassembled everything, and got it "running" ... however he said its smoking terribly, there is a loud rattle in the turbo itself, and that there is a chance only the turbo was ruined.

I'm leery to believe anything he says at this point, lol, so gonna go with the stock long block that has been sitting on a pallet for 3 months, and going to have to source a turbo. I at some point wanted to upgrade to stage 2 .. possibly 3 further down the road, but looks like I get to start now....So couple of questions, well my ideas anyway, just want to be sure my understanding is correct.

This car is a DD .. auto-x about twice a month tho, and the occasional 'legal street race' .. So I figure a BNR 16g, Accessport, and full turbo gasket kit would be a start to bolt onto my new long block. Do we have a bnr vendor on lgt? ... Later I could get the 650CC fuel pump, injectors, up, dp etc?..

Right now my main focus is getting up and running before I have to leave to FL .. RREEAALLLY don't want to tow a motor and vehicle down heh, but figured may as well start on going stage 2
Wow, sorry to hear about the warranty company. Are you able to cancel that warranty and get some type of pro-rated refund? At least you'll get some money back to help you out, it's obvious they don't want to help you out.

We do have a vendor here from BNR, Bryan@BNR is his member name here. This is his website and he prefers you call him. It's really a great deal when you consider how expensive turbos can be, and this is a quality piece.

You may want to upgrade your intercooler, especially since you plan on bigger'll get varying opinion about it, I went with a Process West top mount. It's very high quality, and it's considered the best one. It is pricey ($982), and not all the vendors have them, but you can contact Boston Motorsports for one. Great vendor to work with.

Along with the typical up pipe, down pipe you mentioned (I found a used STi up pipe for $60 shipped, and the CNT dp is a nice piece for a great price, but again so many options and each has their own opinion on it), tune will be important. Shamar (Infamous1) on here and email address is the e-tune I went with. There are several threads on here about him, and all very positive. I'm still on his base tune while I break in my new short block, but already the car drives much better than stock. No stutter, very smooth, and very responsive. I'm beyond happy and can't wait to log and get the revisions.

Hope some of this is of help, and I'm sure you'll get some more ideas from others. Best of luck in getting her back up and running...if you end up doing all that, you'll really love the car then.