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Need new Motor .. any advice?
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Greetings Lads n Ladies!

So here is the deal. About 2 weeks back, I'm on the road back from outta town, and its like 2 in the morning and 7 degrees. As I'm driving I notice the cars speed falling off excessively, even if I attempt to give it more gas. As I finally limp to a stop, after about 30ft, I notice smoke coming out of the hood, immediately shut it down and get out the car .. FF .. AAA comes to scoop me takes car to house, I contact GWC Warranty, they say take it to one of our 'Gold' Standard repair shops .. FF ..

Mechanic finds that the main oil line to the turbo had deteriorated and fallen off, causing oil to be flung all over the motor, causing the turbo to fail, and starving the motor of oil. After replacing the hose and refilling the engine with oil, it runs but there is severe internal noise, and a horrid idle. ..FF.. Warranty only covers my engine, turbo, and trans .. not the hose (weasel insur comps, smh) ....

Anywho, I need a new motor for my 05 lgt (5EAT). The mechanic quoted me 5500.00 for a used engine/turbo/labor installed. I haven't really shopped around too much as I should. And have read tons on obtaining a sti shortblock and just rebuilding heads, but idk if thats a cheaper or better route or not worth it at

Blown Motor on a 05 LGT.
Have about 5k to spend on motor since GWC wont cover repairs.
Looking for best solution for that budget.
Im sure MANY have been thru this, so just looking for some solid advice from a trustworthy source.

Thanks in advance
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