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Troubling problems (misfire in all 4 cylinders)
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So I've been having some issues with my Spec B that I could use some help diagnosing.

Background info:
2008 Stage 2 Spec B. 69,000 miles.
CNT catted DP, GS EBC, stage 2 open-source Cryo tune.

About 2 months ago the car started to run like crap. Rough idle, running rich, horrible gas mileage and piss poor driveability. There was a ton of hesitation and it took a ton of throttle to make it get out of its own way.
At that time, I didn't have any Cels and I didn't have a ton of time to work on the car for a month. I thought it may be the A/F sensor failing.

A week ago or so I got a CEL while idling at a red light. I had time to pull the code this weekend and I had misfire codes for all 4 cylinders.

I reset the ECU and the car surprisingly drove like new again, better gas mileage and all but I can tell it is going to get worse as the ecu adjusts.
I pulled a single plug on sunday afternoon and it looked absolutely perfect.

Any idea of what could possibly be my problem? Clogged fuel line? Injectors? I think the fact I had codes for all 4 cylinders rules out a few things. I don't know what else to do at this point. I'll try and get a learning view and some logs when I get time to help diagnose.
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