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With a name like Jace I can sympathize with the frustration of misspelled name and mispronunciation.
This is how the conversation goes.
" Hi, I'm Jace it's nice to meet you"
" Hi JASON I'm (insert name here)"
" It actually Jace not Jason"
" Is it short for Jason"
" No, it's just Jace"
" Thats unique, how do you spell it? Jase, Jayce?"
" No it's like ace with a J in front. J A C E"
" Oh, I like that"

When I was younger it was annoying. When I was a teenager it pissed me off. When I was in my twenties I'd politely correct them. Now in my thirties I just ignore it unless the person is important enough to go through the above PITA. Most of the people I've met but know I will probably never see again think my name is Jason. My wife actually corrects them because she knows I've given up. Don't even get me going about my last name. It's a similar situation.
Sorry for venting my f***** name situation on all of you.