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hey subidoony how many miles on that clutch? and I don't mean in anyway to thread jack but im having the same issue and instead of starting a new subject I figure any inputs here well help both of us out! I know a lot of smart and great people on the forum.

Ok so I have a 06 LGT with 63k miles on it been stage 2 since about 38k today my clutch stated to slip while getting on the highway. I know my time is coming so after feeling this today I need to get a plan started. My list of mods is K&n drop in air filter, Cobb AP, Invidia UP, Cobb DP, magnaflow catback and running the stage 2 93 octane map. Now my driving style varies from driven like miss daisy in daily bases but also like to have fun with my car I wont be on it everyday but I will clear out the exhaust pipes every once in a while, maybe do some donuts in the winter time. So im looking to deff upgrade the clutch specially since the car isn't stock and eventually I plan on doing more to it but as of now shes my Daily Driver! I know a lot of people also convert from my dual mass factory set up clutch to a single mass from a 06-07 wrx. I don't mind the pedal feel from an 06 wrx so converting it is no issue also saves me money but I want something that can handle stage 2 power or a bit more with nice smooth pedal feel for dd driving but I don't want a chattery noisey clutch either. Also wanted to know if I should get a lightened SMFW instead of a stock wrx one.. thanks for the imputs guys!

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