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Axle & hub replacement... the passenger front CV boot can deteriorate & crack due to its proximity to the turbo and downpipe, then lose its grease and require replacement. If you get the car up on a lift you can look for grease slung onto the downpipe to see if that's the case. Wheel bearings are another thing that tend to fail sooner on these cars than they fail on others, and you replace them as a hub assembly.

Re the fog lights, the sales guy is obviously trying to bullshit you because no vehicle inspector is going to bother looking at something that isn't required by law. They are probably both just burned out. You have to lie on the ground, monkey with a few pop-its and move some trim panels, and pull the lamp assembly to change them. Not too bad, but it takes longer than 5 minutes so lazy people neglect them.

Mine was missing the engine cover when I bought it, and only one of its pop-its remained (broken off) in the front bracket by the alternator. Wouldn't surprise me if the cover is still in the PO's garage somewhere because they were too lazy to replace some fasteners. You can buy a replacement cover for ~$50. It does help direct air through the intercooler, but the car will run fine without it.

If the stock turbo heat shield is in place, and the bolts on it and around the turbo & downpipe have an aged patina and no evidence of tool marks on them, it probably hasn't been molested. People who bother modding their cars and then returning them to stock before selling also tend to be people who aren't too lazy to replace burned out fog light bulbs.