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(First?) 2010 LGT Engine Failure - Hopefully a build documentation thread.
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<Sappy Stuff>
Hi folks, as many of you are aware Sunday, 2/3/13 I received word that cylinder #2 has unacceptably low compression indicative of a ring or piston failure. After some consideration and a night's sleep, I decided to park the car indefinitely. I have already wiped out my car budget for the foreseeable future with an E85 conversion and several surprise repairs over the last several months (2nd new clutch after 16k of relatively gentle use on an HDSS, blew a strut, damaged rim/tire, etc).

I initially posted about the failure and decision to let it sit in the "What did you do to your 5th Gen Today??" thread. It was a decision based on numbers. I could explain what happened next but I think it's best if you read for yourself (If your page settings are different, start at post #162):

The short version is Jase2010LGT offered to rebuild my engine at cost, followed immediately by an awe-inspiring, attitude-shifting, generosity-equivilent of a steel toed kick to the face. I was not expecting, prepared or frankly able to make sense of the outpouring of support offered by our members. In case day one support didn't screw with me hard enough, Jase followed it up by setting up a paypal account and thread to provide an organized support effort (found here if that interests you).

What our community has really given me is a path back to my attitude and perspective 15-20 years ago. Back when I was convinced people were basically good and maybe we have a chance at avoiding annihilating ourselves in the near future. Thank you.

The very, very least I can do in return for the bizarre, inexplicable peace I feel right now (which ought to be impossible) is attempt a solid documentation thread.
</Sappy Stuff>

First off, I want to ensure I'm setting realistic expectations:

I don't know what the timeline is as numbers are still numbers, and they don't look good. I plan to update this thread aggressively as updates become available. Work will be completed by NF Performance when the time comes. As alluded to above, I am distrustful, cynical and generally wary of people in general (or was, anyway, now I'm just confused). NF Performance has earned my respect and trust with consistently frank, honest advice and hard work. Their deep knowledge, proven experience and unparalleled support of the local Minnesota Subaru community was already serving as an inspirition before this situation came to pass. The fact that they can build a 9 second Subaru and run it down the track more than once doesn't hurt either...

As things move forward, I will detail purchased parts, dates, install experiences, etc.

I am reserving the first few posts to organize information for ease of maintenance and navigation. This is what I'm thinking, it is subject to change:

Post 2: The starting point. Current modifications and any insight that I think may possibly be useful.
Post 3: Symptoms and Diagnostics. Also lessons learned/anything I think needs to be called out for people doing research in the future.
Post 4: NF Performance recommended rescue build list (and actual list if there is a discrepency for some reason). I'll try my best to document reasons for all the recommendations, and possible other paths that are not as applicable given my conservative goals.
Posts 5+: (Hopefully photo) Build documentation.

I was hoping to have the detailed build list ready to go when I made this post, but I'm just not there yet. To that end... I could really use a part number for an OEM HG set. My google-fu is failing me. I'll get it from the dealer tomorrow otherwise. Rest assured I will be fleshing this thread out as soon as I can.

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