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Prospective buyer questions: Turbo Corrosion?
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I'm looking at a 2005 Legacy GT Auto with 70k miles. The car runs smooth, no odd noises, shifts smoothly, and the engine bay is super clean and it's reportedly a two owner car. Oil looks clean, transmission fluid looks clean too. I had a couple of questions about things I noticed while combing over it today. I tried to search the forum but no luck (my search-fu may need work). Please bear with me, I'm new to Subaru's so my terminology is probably ridiculous and lame.

1.) Turbo Corrosion: I noticed that a tube or hose forward of the turbo has a bit of corrosion on it. The hose is rubber but leads in to a metal right -angle bent tube directly forward of the turbo. This metal tube has corrosion on it similar to what you see on corroded battery terminals. What is this? After reading a lot of posts on here I'm being cautious about anything that appears to be turbo, head gasket, or transmission related. That turbo looks new!? Below are a couple pics:

2.) The fog lights don't work? Both of them. I asked the sales guy who predictably said that it passed inspection therefore they must work, yeah, okay. I'm figuring they either have blown bulbs that were never replaced, a fuse, or a wiring cluster-phuck of some kind? Is that common, easy to diagnose?

3.) There's no engine cover. Will that cause issues directing air to the intercooler? The under-hood design appeared to directly match the engine cover (from pictures I've seen) so I was curious it the cover was necessary or not.

That's it, all I could nitpick which isn't much I guess. I know this community would have answers, if anyone.

Thanks in advance.
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