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Originally Posted by CaptainGVT View Post
FYI- I have put over 5000 miles on the car with the old engine, and setup. It works, or should I say- worked with all the old wiring harness, ecu, biu, etc. Why would it not work now? The key, switch, etc are all from the orig. donor car and are matched. I did have a shut-down with the old engine during a torrential rainstorm- just absolutely died and had to tow the car home. A day later it started no problem. That issue was never diagnosed, as it never happened again. Could it be the same problem??? It had no fire then either.

If I go stand alone, will I lose ABS, OBDII potential, and emission compliance that I have now?


I am not sure if this will work- but I threw a few photos of the build:

megasquirt you will be able to get rid of 90% of the wires.
do you want abs ? i would not ..

you did not say that this was running already so we assumed it was a project.
by old engine .. did you simply rebuild the same engine ? or did you rebuild another engine and put that in ? there may be an issue with the crank and cam triggers being different.

also try starting with both cam sensors unpluged. it will run with out them. it will not fire right away it will need to crank over 3-5 turns then it will fire.

obd2 compliance ? what for ? on a project car ? i'm not sure of where you are located but around here the car needs to meet or exceed emissions of its date of manufacture and at that age there are none.

how did you lock the center differential ? and dont tell me you welded it because that's cheating
Now that's thinking out of the boxer!
fyi all 05 + legacy's have built in code reader