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2009 WRX OEM setup on 2013 Legacy 6MT
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Today, I am happy to announce to you that we have another option to our suspension choices. For the those who has been around, you know that I have been running a few different low buck setups:

Stock 2013 suspension (duh!)
Stock 2013 struts/shocks with LGT Swifts (
Stock 2011 LGT suspension
And in the past month, I came across a set of brand new stock suspension out of a 2009 WRX hatch.

So why am I doing this?

1) To find out if the WRX setup is a bolt-on to the legacy
2) T0 find out the differences in ride quality
3) To find out the differences in ride height
4) My 2013 base weights 3315lbs, and a WRX hatch weights 3230lbs, will this setup hold its own? and will it last?
5) If #1 hold true as a bolt-on, we know the option of running aftermarket setup for the WRX is not very far off. Are you tried of waiting for RCE to make their Bilstein available?
6) I do not want to run a coilover for the street, especially the shotty streets we have here. I would love a set of KWs, but that is out of the reach us working people. Koni's on stock springs would be the next best option for us lower buck modders.

For those who like numbers and things, this is what I've gathered:

Stock Subaru Springs:
2010 Legacy's spring rates 165F/177R (
2008 WRX's spring rates 151F/136R (unverified)
2009 WRX's spring rates 216F/209R (source 1, unverified)
2009 WRX's spring rates 223F/195R (source 2, unverified)
2008+ STI's spring rates 217F/194R (
2011+ STI's spring rates 251F/297R (
Note1: 2011+ WRX's rates are stiffer than before
Note2: 2010 STI SE has an even stiffer OEM setup. No info on this one either.

Aftermarket Springs:
2010+ LGT Swift's rates 190F/224R (
2010+ LGT Tein S-Tech 219F/241R (unverified)
2010+ LGT Eibach pro-kit 200-296F/217-274R (
2010+ LGT RCE Black 240F/245R (
2008+ WRX RCE Yellow 330F/330R (
2008+ WRX RCE Black 275F/250R (

Moving on to answering the above:

1) The full stock WRX suspension is a complete bolt-on to the 5th gen Legacy, provided that you replace the WRX front top hats with the Legacy unit. I believe you can use the WRX top hats if you enlarge the three strut bolt holes. I didn't bother doing this as I had my top hats readily available.

2) After about 1000 miles of driving around the Bay Area, I found the ride quality is close if not identical to the 2011 LGT setup I immediately had before. This is however not as firm as the stock 2013 suspension nor the Swifts I had after it.

3) I never got the chance to measure the ride height when I still had the car in stock 2013 form. But as you see below, the front drop is almost identical to drop from my Swifts/2013 setup. The rear is unfortunately quite a bit higher, I believe the WRX is more rear weight biased than the Legacy. Please note that all this applies to my 2013 2.5i 6MT only. CVT, Turbo, and H6 cars are even more nose heavy, so your results will vary.

Measurements to the middle of the fender from the ground:

2013 Legacy 2.5i stock suspension: 27 3/4" to 28 (per fredrik94087)
Swifts with 2013 strut/shocks: LF: 26 3/4 RF: 26 7/8 LR: 26 11/16 RR: 27 5/16
2009 WRX stock OEM suspension: LF: 26 7/8 RF: 26 15/16 LR: 27 3/4 RR: 28 1/2
Swifts with 2009 WRX dampers: LF: 26 1/16 RF: 26 3/16 LR: 26 11/16 RR: 27 3/16

4) Even though the car is around 80lbs heavier than the WRX hatch, I didn't notice the suspension bottoming out any more often than any other stock Subaru would. In other words, the car rides 100% like stock.

5) Yes, yes, and yes. We should be able to run Koni yellow or Bilstein or whatever setup that are made for the WRX. With the front inserts of the Koni, you do not need a WRX strut, the Legacy will work the same. The rears will be a 100% bolt-on.

Am I doing a good job? If so, please click here to donate to my Koni-yellow fund to bring you more exciting experiments in the future:

Let's continue onward with the pics:

So what is next?

Since no one here wants to buy my Swifts, I am considering throwing them in onto the stock WRX setup. I am curious to know how ride height and ride quality diff from my Swifts/2013 setup. After that, I will most likely order a set of WRX Koni and either run them with the stock WRX springs or experiment again with the Swifts. While the 2013 dampers were more compliant to the stiffer Swifts springs, I still felt they were under-damp. With the adjustability of the Koni, I hope we can reach a more optimal settings that matches the Swifts.

However if I come across a set of 2011+ STI, I'll have to try those first. So let me know if you see a set of new or near new in the Bay Area!

Any questions? Again donations to my Koni-yellow fund is GREATLY appreciated.

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