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Originally Posted by archer1.8 View Post
Ok so about a week ago I bled my brake system. The pedal was squishy since i owned it. So I bled the brakes doing the proper sequence. Had my dad pump the brakes. Took the car for a test drive and what a difference! It felt like a new car. About an hour later driving back to college I stopped at a red light and the brakes felt like the use to. I don have any leaks, pads are all new. So not sure where to go from here
You can try a gravity bleed and see if it helps. Put the car on stands, remove the wheels, grab some pans or cardboard or big towels (4), one for each wheel and put them under the rotor/caliper. Remove the master cylinder cap, fill with clean fluid, and open all 4 of the bleeder screws and let them drip. PAY ATTENTION to the master cylinder so that it doesn't go below half full and let them drip for 15 minutes or so.

This is how I flush my own systems because it doesn't invade the master cylinder bore by pushing the pedal down further than the normal travel and it always works. They will drip slowly but you'll see the fluid come out of them and the weight of the fluid will slowly force any bubbles in the system to come out of the bleeders.

I've been doing brakes this way for many years and have never had it not work, even if I replaced a very long section of brake line.