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Wish, I just found swap ideas on there, no 2.2's. If I was richer I'd pick up the full 1998 STI front clip and motor, heh...

DOHC, thanks for the tip on the block swap idea. Doubt that will be happening but never know.

Kiyo, I didn't see anything around Chi town that looked ripe for the plucking. Runners/drivers that are nicer/worth more than my car.

Dufek, thats great. Let me know. I haven't joined the Subaru group on FB because my car keeps falling apart, I'd be embarrassed to show up.

Johnegg, I was wondering more about what it sounded like versus what I'm dealing with. I swapped to the old style tensioner, and I do have a stethoscope, but I can't get the car to knock again. Originally when I tested it, the noise was about 2-3 times quieter and happened pretty much all the time. Now its intermittent and LOUD. We kind of went through this dog and pony show on my timing belt thread, but it seems worse now...

This morning in traffic I thought the poor thing was going to come apart... and I got some stares from pedestrians... but by the time I got to work it went away again.

Took the car to a shop today, they could not get it to knock and said they had no idea. Showed them the vid on my phone and they agreed that sounds bad.

On the other end of the spectrum:

How much can a person make when parting out a car? I have around $3500 sitting in this pile...

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