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Originally Posted by Telephonewire View Post

I have bad torque bind on my 2005 GT Legacy 5 speed manual.

Replacement viscous couplings are so expensive not to mention the labour on top to fit it.
a new center diff is around $520+labor. not that bad considering aftermarket units are 2-4 times that.

  • Not all Legacy's have a viscous centre coupling; i.e. lower powered non-turbo versions have 'open' centre differentials I beleive. Do these cars have an equivalent centre differential but without the viscous coupling part? If so could one of these 'open' differentials be swapped for a viscous centre differential?
All late model 5mt subaru's use a VLSD in the center including the non-turbo ones.

I still have my 'old' gearbox which has the same viscous coupling in as the one which is binding in my recently replaced gearbox. My old gearbox has done 100k miles and my recently replaced gearbox has done about 50k miles.

  • Is it possible to take these viscous couplings apart and drain the silicone fluid and put back together to effectively have an 'open' differential? I know there are some downsides such as less traction but it still going to be better than a 2 wheel drive car and 99% of the time I probably wouldn't even notice the difference?
The VLSD diffs are sealed units. you can not "drain the fluid out." you can swap in the full diff in your "old trans" in your the one that is binding if its still good.

If this is possible I could save myself a lot of money!

Any thoughts welcome!

I'm a little skeptical of the fact that your center diff has gone bad. If you haven't had someone verify that it is your center diff, you should get a second opinion. Could just be a bad axle. If it is in fact your center diff, then it must be replaced. No getting around it. you could get one of the fatermarket ones, but of course they are alot more $$$$.
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