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Another Bilstein Outback story
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Good info coming: I just acquired FRONT Bilstein HDs. I will compare dimensions to stock Legacy struts and Outback struts (actually the 05+ KYB aftermarket version).

Bilstein HD's are in between in length, especially if you factor in the spec B tophat. Haven't mounted them yet, but expect HD's to lower front ride height less than 0.75 inch if I use stock Outback XT 5M springs. There will be less clearance with the tire than stock OB, but slightly better than with Legacy strut. The HD is approx 1/2 inch longer bottom bolt to basket compared to Legacy strut, and about 0.75 inch shorter than OB strut. The max spring length (loaded) should be 0.25 inch less than loaded OB strut or Legacy strut (yes, I think OB & Legacy accomodate same spring length).

I think this could be somewhat useful info for OBXT owners who want something better than KYB. Some others have done similar with LGT springs (Easton), and with LGT lowering springs (BAC5.2). Some others with Spec B struts and some spring, but not sure if anyone else has done with OBXT springs.

My concern is that the HD front will be stiffer than what I want....but we'll see. Currently running 00-04 JDM Bilstein which are softer, ride GREAT, handle just fine, but actually raise the front ride height...which I don't like.

Legacy struts would probably be 0.5 inch lower than the HD's....with Outback springs.

I'm probably going to try the HD's with Outback XT 5M springs with about 1/3 of the coil cut (on the bottom side)....or the full OBXT 5M spring (I have both, as well as LGT 5M...which are shorter/softer...or I guess I could even use some spec B front springs I acquired). In the rear, I have some adjustability, just need to get the front right, then the rear can be dialed as needed.

Moderators / veterans: Where should I be posting this stuff for maximum benefit? Hate to do new thread. Will double post over on warning you.
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