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LOL, What Happened...
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"Perhaps you already know but our 05, if the key is left in the ignition, will not allow locking of the doors (unless one locks all 4 of them manually). I did however lock our keys into the trunk when I was retrieving something for my wifey. Another time I accidentally locked them in the car (out of the ignition). That's when I saw how easy it is for a knowing person to get into our cars without the framed windows...... "^That is a bunch of b/s It's 0 degrees (literally) here in Mn so I go start my car & when I get back out there, the doors are locked:/Idk, maybe I hit the lock button on my way inside. It's 2nd nature...but that's not my point.Our vehicles aren't SUPPOSE to "let" the doors lock when the key is in the ignition.Am I wrong?Coat hanger works great ...not with push buttons though.Been running for 4 hours straight lol
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