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Originally Posted by monkeyposeur View Post
What are you planning to do for engine management? Stock SS harness & ecu? WRX harness & ECU? Standalone? What is your budget and HP goals?

Are you going to use stock heads or do a head swap? What internals are you going with? A stroker kit is the way to go if you have the $$$. For that you will need a new crank, pistons, rods, bearings, and a lot of machine work.

You will need to do a wiring harness merge at the very least. You will also need a new exhaust system and a WRX or SS crossmember for the downpipe to clear.

You'll need upgraded brakes, suspension, and swaybars, and it wouldn't hurt to install new motor and tranny mounts. New axles woudln't hurt.

A stock legacy tranny won't hold up for long with a lot of increased HP.

Read the turbo swap FAQ:

Keep us posted! I have a 22T that I am working on as well. And I love my stock 22T that is in my SS.

im looking 250hp area...? i have wrx coilovers, i have raceland sway bars. its my DD so im not lloking to make 30psi with 400whp lol i want something with some power and all but not turn my car from a DD to a track car. i have full exhaust on it. catless with magnaflow muffler. i've been told i can easily make power with no worries of internals/transmission just by adding larger turbo, intercooler, BOV, and better intake. once again, it sounds good to me but is that all true? i have a 22e in my car now which is obviously a LOT less HP so even a stock 22t will make me feel like i have a huge power increase lol. if i could add power without touching internals that would be boss, but once again, this is a build outside my car so its not like im building it inside the car and out of a car for x period of time