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Originally Posted by -Samurai- View Post
Did you drive around a lot after making the mistake? Or did you realize right after you put it in? I'm not sure what it would cause over time, but if you replaced it right after you realized it its probably just air bubbles in the system. It'll take a little bit of time to get them out. Is the steering pump whining or making any odd noises when driving?
I had not started the car until we pumped the brake fluid out that was in the reservoir and replaced it with atf. I also pulled the intake hose into the pump and sucked the fluid out of the hose just in case the brake fluid got in it. We just took the belt off as well and manually ran the pump with our hand while moving the steering left to right and it go some bubbles out but it is still shuddering when steering. I'll listen for whining sounds from the pump today, but I don't remember any from last night.

Originally Posted by GTTuner View Post
Is the fluid getting foamy when you start the car cold?
No I don't think so. I had it running with a friend checking it and it showed no foam, there were a couple bubbles popping up but they slowed down.

I drove about 70 miles today and it seemed to be getting better. I refilled the reservoir to hot max when I got home tonight. It still makes shuddering but not as much. I assumed it was just air bubbles but it still seems pretty firm/tight/not as smooth when traveling at highway speed and merging lanes. Can this be because of the air causing loss of power in the pump?

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