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the new testing started the first of this year. its already in effect.

they may still be doing some tailpipe testing too in addition to the OBDII scan, just until all the technicians and inspection equipment is standardized. by the end of this year it will be OBDII scan only.
...but yes, it has already begun:
Pass or fail is based on info obtained from your OBD port.

This is my understanding based on what I've found, but it may not be 100% correct and i'm sure they'll change stuff as they work out the bugs in their system:

they will do a visual inspection.
they will plug into your OBD port, look for any codes, and read all the data your sensors are sending out.

then compare that data to factory data for what those values should be.
this will determine if your vehicle is polluting or not.

for people who are tuned they could possibly recognize that your parameters are different.
for 2007 and newer Subarus your car will volunteer all the data they need to fail your vehicle based on a parameter check because of the way the computer is wired.

if they don't bother to compare why the values of a tuned car are different, but those values are still acceptable they may give it a pass, but we wont know what will slide under the radar until someone tries to smog their tuned car. some tuning methods may pass? but i don't know enough about different tuning methods.

starting back with 2006 model year ALL vehicle manufacturers have had to provide data about what factory parameters are to the Smog police to prepare for this kind of testing.

for model years 2005 and older the manufacturers didnt have to report this data. it is still available to smog police to look up, but it wont be automatically compared during the test. so maybe for vehicles 2005 and older, a tune could sneak by? if it is deemed to be non polluting, because theres no readily available data from subaru saying "hey it should be this!"
like i said we wont know until anyone tries.

2006 Subarus I don't know what will happen. the car's computer is still wired the same way the 2005 LGT (not CAN). so data might be harder to read, but still legislation demanded that Subaru reveal how 2006 model years computer should work and what the acceptable values should be. whether or not you can mask a tune on this year is unlikely.
but again i don't know enough about method of tuning and the car's computer to know what will happen.

2007 Subaru applied CAN bus (wiring of components and how they communicate) to all vehicles. CAN will give up all your vehicles data easily.

Every vehicle 2008 and newer has applied CAN bus per the SAE.

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