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Steering shudder after power steering fluid change
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Hi everyone, I need your help

My brake fluid, and my power steering fluid were low and I wasn't paying attention and poured brake fluid (dot 3) into the power steering reservoir .
Once I realized it was the wrong fluid I used the suction tank to remove all fluid from the reservoir and replaced it with atf Dex 3 /mex, stuff I had laying around I think it was Valvoline brand. Once I filed it up I put it up on jacks and while the car was off, I performed the lock to lock technique to move some fluid around.
I started the car and drove around and it started making a weird shudder when turning.
So tonight I put it back on jacks, pulled the the return house from the reservoir, closed the reservoir return nipple, filled the reservoir and used my suction tank to force all the old steering fluid out and use the atf dex 3 to fill the reservoir as i'm pumping.
I did the lock to lock again with the car off and put it down started it and still have the shuddering.

Does anyone have any ideas of what this would be?

Thanks in advance.
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