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Originally Posted by maineSubi View Post

recently replaced drivers side rear wheel bearing, hopefully the passenger side doesn't start getting noisy.

Changed the timing belt, water pump, thermostat and all belts at 110k

Seems like I have a lot of problems but not solutions.

Have heard a clunk noise in my front left for about 8 months now, had several subi dealerships and private mechanics attempt to diagnose. Most can't figure out, others told me it was due to play in the end links. So i threw some kartboys on the front. Still hear the noise.
Recently had it aligned, but it still pulls to the right pretty bad.
Starter motor is going, screeches bad when I start up.
When I get up over 60 I start to get a vibration that grows with my speed.
Clutch is starting to sleep.
Breaks and rotors were replaced this summer but they are already starting to sound rough when I stop and also vibrate when hard braking.
I haven't removed my banjo bolts or get rid of my catted up.
My car at idle has started to raise temp and stop blowing hot air. When i start driving it returns to normal temp and blow warm air again.

I'm a college kid so money is tight. What do I attempt to solve first?
Your front end noise is most likely the top shock mounts.

These cars will follow the pavement, but pretty bad pull is not normal. Find another alignment shop and tell them what it does.

You need to pull the starter and grease the shaft the gear slide on.

60mph + vibration is mostly tire balance. put the backs on the front and fronts on the back and see if the vibration moves to the drivers seat.

You need to re-bed the brake pads, 4/5 hard all most stops from 50mph, do that as fast as you can, then drive for a mile without touching the brakes. The long term fix is better pads, I use Hawk Ceramics from Mike at email him.

You may have air inthe cooling system, jack up the right front corner,pull the cap off the turbo cooling tank, start the car, open the heater to hot, and squeeze the hoses and watch the air come out. Top off cooling system with Peak Global 50/50 per-mix from K-Mart.
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