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Originally Posted by njd View Post
Here is my mod list, a relatively common upgrade path.

VF52 port & polished w/ptp blanket and GS heatshield
DW850 sidefeed injectors
DW65 fuel pump
Perrin turbo inlet
Perrin TMIC
Cobb SF intake w/box
Crucial uppipe
Invidia catless dowpipe w/ Autospeed catless back
Forge BPV
Grimmspeed EBCS
Exedy stage 1 clutch w/ WRX flywheel
Plus suspension mods: coils, swaybars, lca bushings, PFF7's...

My LGT has 106,000 miles on it and I just did major maintenance/service on it over the past few months (timing belt, spark plugs, wheel bearings, clutch...). Also did the compression test and the engine still looks strong so I hope to keep it for another hundred thousand. I am meticulous with oil changes and service. The car has been stage 2 for the past 80,000 miles. It's a daily driver. Thanks to AZP Installs for keeping my car in top condition over the years and completing my stage 3 install over the holidays.

I drove up to Auburn, MA from NJ for my dynotune with Bren this past Saturday. Bren was ready to go for my 10 am appointment. My mistake was not having my Grimmspeed EBCS installed prior to the dynotune. Bren took the time to properly install the EBCS. Additionally, my Cobb Accessport was not completely updated so Bren made sure the firmware was completely updated so he could utilize all the necessary diagnostic tools (anyone getting a tune needs to make sure to update your AP to the latest version). These two issues could have been a “big pain in the ass”, especially if the tuning site didn’t have good internet service. But Bren took care of AP and EBCS swiftly and professionally so we could begin the tuning process. Bren asked many questions to make sure I received a tune tailored to my personal driving style. As soon he stepped into the vehicle and started the pulls it was obvious he is passionate about what he does. Bren was laser focused throughout the process. He stayed on the dyno until he satisfied with the tune. It is not the type of place where you would be limited on the amount of pulls you take. Bren won’t stop until its right. My car was strong and cooperative. After the dyno pulls we took it on the road for Bren to put some final touches on it with a road tune.

My LGT was a totally different car afterwards. Brentuning went above and beyond my expectations. I put 300 miles on my car since the tune and now it is a totally different beast. I use to have a strong stage 2+ protune that I thought was fast, and others within LGT community that drove with me agreed. But now, the car is simply at another level. The car starts boost at around 2700 -2800 rpm and pulls HARD all the way to redline. When the car is at idle it is butter smooth. Believe it or not, it gets better mpg than my stage 2 tune as well. I am not a numbers guy and won’t mention specifics on my dyno #’s until Bren and Neil get the video and dyno charts up on the site. The powerband will speak for itself when you see the chart. Regardless of whp and torque, the driveability is unbelievable.

Overall, it was an incredible experience. I highly recommend Brentuning to anyone interested in a dynotune. I drove 4 hours from NJ and it was well worth the drive. Bren has a unique approach that prioritizes safety. Brentuning is setting a standard with his safe and powerful tunes.

Here's the dyno clip for reference.

BrenTuning 2005 Subaru Legacy GT VF52 330whp/355wtq - YouTube
Looking good! Glad we could help and look forward to our next 100,000 miles with you and the LGT!

-Mike Paisan

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