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2012 vs 2013
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Today at the dealer, as a loaner for the day, I was given a 2013 Legacy 2.5i (Premium?) with sunroof and spoiler with 2700 miles. The rims seemed like 17" or 18" stock. Definately looked like a different size than mine.

Drove about 150 miles, both highway and city. My comparison and questions:
1. Ride seemed a little more firm in the 2013, more like a new Camry. Not sure if this was because of the suspension upgrades, or my perception that it had bigger tires. I like the softer feel of bumps in my 2012. They don't seem as harsh. A Subaru is not a Mercedes, but mine is "more Mercedes like" than the 2013, if that make sense.
2. Pussy footing the peddle in traffic seems more powerful than in my 2012. It seems like if I hit the peddle the minimum amount in the 2013, it goes more than I want it. In my 2012, I can make it go really, really slow. I also noticed in my 2012 after the ECU was reset for the recall, it seems like there's not much power at low speed in traffic now, unless it has to re-learn
3. 2013 seems to have more speed up power at 70+ mph. I was doing 75 and wanted to pass, so I hit the gas, and the spedometer went up like a V6. I had to actually check after to make sure they didn't give me a 3.6L V6. This could also be because my car learned that I drive slow and don't give it a lot of gas (I like getting good gas mileage and not beating the snot out of the car). Not sure the real reason.
4. Sunroof was useless, I'm glad I didn't buy one. I'm sure there's some more road noise too because of it. Spoiler on the trunk makes it heavier and harder to open. Glad I didn't buy one.
5. Stock tires on both vehicles produce excess road noise.
6. Was the sun visor made more sturdier in the 2013?
7. Spedometer and other gauges are a different design in the 2013.
8. Brakes felt a little better in the 2013. Not enough for me to complain like in my 2012. I think the brakes suck in the 2012. They shouldn't suck this bad on a new car (been this way since I bought it).
9. Speakers sounded better in the 2013. I think the 2012 ones are terrible. Looks like the 2013 had the same amount as mine (one on each door and two on the dash).
10. Gas mileage on my Legacy is 32 highway. Gas mileage on the 2013 was 28 highway. Not broken in yet I see. It took around 10k for optimal mileage on mine I think.

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