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Originally Posted by kred View Post
I was browsing on ebay and I came across a bunch of JDM twin turbo legacy engines, many with transmissions and ECUs, for around $1500-$2000. Many of them have really low mileage, despite being 15-20 years old. I did some research and supposedly these twin turbo engines of this era make pretty good power (250-280 crank).

If basically everything I need to make good turbo power is in one of these packages for the right price, why wouldn't anyone do this? Has anyone heard of this swap being done? The way I see it, I bet it would be a really economical engine swap.

Don't bother commenting if you're gonna say something like "Sell your car and get a GT." There were many other reasons why I got a 2.5i at the time, so don't piss me off with that type of comment.
Those TT setups aren't optimal the boost handling between the two turbos results in a flat spot in the mid RPM range. Not to mention you will have to stuff that TT in around your brake booster, steering column,slave cylinder and your engine cradle. Then the harness merge.

HOwever for $2000 and all what you get, one could get a low mileage EJ, convert to a single turbo (VF46), swap that in and have a pretty decent swap. If you have the space/tools/patience/spare $$$ it could be a worthwhile investment!