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Originally Posted by nm+ View Post
I wouldn't worry about those numbers at all.
Every single compression test is done differently. 140-130 across all 4 is pretty darn good. I wouldn't waste money on a rebuild.
I just had a compression test done a few weeks ago...about 140 in cyl. # 1 & 3, and about 132 in cal # 2 & 4, AND it passed the leak down test. We opened the motor anyway due to the oil consumption (1qt every 300 miles). Guess what, ring land failure! So even a good compression test can mask the issue. I just bought my car in May, and there was no way to tell what problem was waiting for me. It drove good, engine seemed healthy and was pretty smooth. I have a thread in the 4th gen forums with pics. The ringland on number 4 had a pretty big chunk broken off, #2 was more cracked with a small missing piece.

OP, a new short block is slightly over $1800 shipped. Then you have to decide whether or not you want forged pistons (this being my DD, I did not go forged). Then you don't want to put on an old oil pump, or old timing belt, so you're going to want to buy those. New head studs would be a good thing, and new oil control valves since it's apart. Then the head needs to be machined, maybe even more once you have it apart. You'll need a new gasket kit too. Then there is labor. It's going to cost $5k-$6k. We found shaft play on the turbo, you may run into that too, so a new turbo with labor can put you close to $7k. I would low ball the price real well because you will spend a lot to get this done. I wish I new the issues this car had to offer the proper low ball price this car deserved. My saving grace is that I bought a full coverage warranty for $1330 for 4yrs/48k miles, and they approved the repairs yesterday. On the flip side, once it's all done, you essentially have a new car. Get a better tune, take care of it, and hopefully it'll run great. That's my hope.

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