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Serious loss of power
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I am sure that my suspisions are correct, but I have to throw this in here. Today While driving in the heavy rain, my car just acted like I all in the sudden was carrying a lead brick in the back and very little power.

The rain may be incidental, but there is no turbo "woosh" noise and I suspect the wastegate is froze shut? There is basically no boost. However, the car still drives and idles smooth.

Now, this same car lost 1st gear, and I am replacing the tranny very soon, so I have been already driving the car all week starting out in 2nd gear, so to hav ethis happen basically renders my car undrivable, when it rains it pours. Tha car just broke 135K when it happened-spooky! LOL

Part II, when I got home and opened the hood, there was a smell of burning oil and hot coolant, neither are present in the engine bay leaking, seeping or other wise. My upper and lower radiator hoses are very swollen too, not to the point of exploding, but very firm, and swelling near where the hose meets the radiator and clamp.

I am suspecting multiple problems, head gasket, bad waste gate. With the car still able to start and run, that means the turbo shaft isn't broke right? So lack of boost could be explained how?

Any help is good, I am already tapped on budget for trans, now I am not sure what else I have to do and I don't expect anyone here to "fix" my problem over the internet, but if these things have happened to anyone else, what did you do to fix it? Sorry, mostly venting, it has been a bad week for me and my LGT
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