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Here's comes a barrage of multi-quotes...
Originally Posted by thefultonhow View Post
Yeah, fitment is not perfect. I had the same underside bolt issue, because the TMIC collided with the hose from the turbo.
That's pretty much what's happening. The turbo-side (smallest) clamp is the one I had to use from the supplied hardware, and it dug into the finish on the TMIC. I don't think it'll be visible once installed, though.

Originally Posted by .:Catalyst:. View Post
Turbo flange adapter points towards the front of the car. I bought several TBolt clamps all at once before installing, and still ended up needing one other size (tried converting their list in metric and with the ranges they gave it was a crapshoot - have like 4 left over but converted my post MAF hose to TBolt at the same time). TB connection was the biggest PITA for me but the turbo flange one I had to order .25" longer (I used 2.5" on that one IIRC).
Yep. I installed 3 t-bolts, all worked well. The turbo-side inlet is giving me the most troubles. Throttle body was a distant second, I got it on OK with some wrestling.
Originally Posted by .:Catalyst:. View Post
Also make sure you leave the driver side mount adapter loose where it connect to the support bar while lining up the mount from under the passenger side. Mine lined up quite easily but I didn't tighten the 2 driver side nuts on that square adapter bracket until the end.
Did that. It's still not lining up--I MAY have the flange adapter pointed the wrong way. I'll have a look, going back down now. I'm BAD when it comes to 2D photos representing a 3D world. I can't wrap my head around it sometimes. Batteries, easy... +/-. But sometimes even those credit card diagrams that show you which way to swipe throw me. The card is tilted. WTF does that mean?
Originally Posted by SBT View Post
Surprised, Hicksta's AM T-bolts fit his perfectly IIRC.
Yes, 3 of mine fit. I ordered ALL Turbonetics, rather than the set you sent me. My fault, not his/yours. It can be done with all Turbonetics, I just ran out of range on the turbo-side inlet hose.
Originally Posted by mr_hicksta View Post
I suggest you make sure you have a t-bolt clamp that works on the throttle body. Get some Super Lube, snug that thing up on the TB and tighten the HELL out of it. Mine was on so tight, it wouldn't come off unless loosened up. For the passenger side bolt, if you're trying to do it while everything else is tight it won't work. Keep everything loose, tighten that bolt and then tighten everything else. I didn't have any problem with the inlet hose kinking either, but I get the feeling if you tighten everything up as I described you'll be good. Damn taking it to the shop to do it. Do. It. Yourself.
Ha ha... they're putting on my turbo as soon as my tune arrives anyway. I love the satisfaction of DIY. But here's another reason I wanted to get it in before they get their hands on it--"Step X: Install flange on turbo. Reuse OEM o-ring." Eh? I'm removing a Perrin, and don't even have that o-ring. I had to use RTV.

I'm driving to work now. Not expecting anything to blow loose, but I'm going to be driving gingerly all the same.
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