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New Owner of 1995 Legacy L Wagon - need strut advice and opinions.
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Hi all - I purchased a 1995 Subaru Legacy L Wagon last month. It is my first Subaru and I have been reading a lot about maintenance and upgrades. Right now it is my primary vehicle (daily driver). While I'm not looking to build a race car or anything, I would like to consider stepping-up components as they need replacement. My first major job will be the struts.

My struts are loud and springy - I'd like to replace them. I've done a lot of reading and will try the job myself - it appears simple enough. However, I've read several posts about raising Gen II Legacys using Outback strut assemblies and I think that may be a worthy upgrade. The price seems reasonable and the extra inch or so would certainly be nice. However, I don't want to create problems with poor fitting mods.

So... I guess my questions is - if it were your Legacy, and you needed new struts anyhow, would you go thru the trouble of adding some lift, or is that flirting with disaster?

Rather than purchase second-hand/junkyard struts, I'm thinking of just buying new struts and springs... but I'd also like to identify what other parts and pieces would be needed for the upgrade. Based on what I've read it seems like there is always something that needs to be adjusted, added, shortened, lengthened, etc. Is that so, or am I making too much of it? Are used parts OK to use? Can I purchase the struts and springs as a kit?

I need to do something soon enough, and would kick my self to find out that I could have had a little lift just by buying different (Outback) parts. It makes sense, but seems too easy to be true!! If I can't find a good answer I'll probably just order OEM struts this weekend - that's why I figured sign-up and ask today.

Thanks in advance - Herman
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