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When I first got my 06 Spec b back in July, I had only plans to go downpipe, uppipe, and tune. I was not very experienced with this car being it my first turbocharged car. Suddenly my pride and joy started smoking and I took it to a family friends mechanic to take a look at it. He couldnt figure out what was wrong. I remembered at my first Subaru meet that Brentuning was near by, so I called up Bren and asked if he could take a look at it. He of course said yes.

I roll into his parking lot and he and his friend comes over. I pop the hood and he starts checking out the turbo. It was no more than 5 minutes before he determined that the turbo in the car was a cheap ebay turbo and its starting to go. He said I was probably only hitting 190whp. We went inside to his office to talk about where I could go with this. I told him my goals for the car and he took a post-it and started writing down parts. Because i was new to Subaru's, I was looking for someone to just give me a list of parts and get this problem fixed fast. And Bren did just that.

On the post-it:
Vf52 or BNR 16g Evo III
Oil line
Grimmspeed ECBS
Forge BPV

So over the next couple weeks I was collecting parts for the turbo build. He recommended Motive Auto Works in Woburn to do the build. So off I went, an hour away to get this pieced together. Once it was finished, it was the beginning of September. LGT dyno day was at the end of the month and I still didnt have the Forge BPV (was running GFB 50/50 BOV) and was still on stock fuel pump. Bren worked with me and said he would do a road tune for me that day so I could last till dyno day on the 29th.

I arrive a bit early and he was dyno tuning a BMW. I sat there for almost an hour waiting. I didnt mind at all because I knew the reward was worth the wait. I might be wrong but I believe Bren was going to the Cape that day and was trying to skip out early, but the BMW was giving him a tough time. But as you have already read, he takes his time to get things right and he finally got it squared away. I tried to tell him I could come back a different day, but he quickly shot that down and said I had waited long enough. My turn...

I said this was my first stick shift car and was still learning so I asked if he could drive during the road tune. So I sat in the passenger side holding his laptop on my lap while we were whipping around. He was explaining everything that he was adjusting and how I liked to drive. As we completed the tune, he was telling me to be careful. That this is nowhere near the car it was once I first got it. He doesnt like to give numbers on road tunes but estimated around 305whp. Thats quite a lot more than 190whp...

Just a quick comment on his attention to detail. He remembered that I was new to driving standard so he adjusted the idle so it was easier for me to drive. He didnt tell me this till the next time I went back... but I felt like a pro!

He was right about being careful with the car, as I ended up being pulled over 5 days later But the next couple weeks I acquired the Forge BPV and the DW65C fuel pump. Again had Motive Auto Works do the install, as well as fix the exhaust leak which ended up getting me out of the ticket. But I digress, the 29th was quickly approaching and I was getting more and more excited. I emailed Bren and told him I had work later that day so he told me to come at the beginning and that I would be one of the first ones on.

As my car gets set up on the dyno, Im taking photographs with my camera. When he finally gets in the car, there was a loud grinding sound and people were thinking center diff was bad. So no dyno for me, but he took me out on a road tune and brought me up to I believe 20psi and estimated around 315whp.

With much debate on the cause of the problem, I end up fixing my front left caliper and throw it on the dyno a month or so later. I get on the dyno, and again the grinding noise appeared and he couldnt get the rear wheels to move under load. At this point Im just trying to get concrete numbers for my car. And miraculously, he was able to dyno tune my car, but started later in the rpm range. I ended with an impressive 325whp/370wtq!

Here are my performance mods and my build thread:

Vf52 Turbo
Perrin TMIC
TGV Delete
Gimmick Turbo Inlet
CNT Catless Downpipe
Indivia Catless Up Pipe
Magnaflow Cat Back
Grimspeed 3 Port Boost Solenoid
Forge BPV
Perrin Heatshield

Bren in action!

I dont put stickers on my car, but I made an exception with Bren. I support him with Brentuning license plate covers and a Brentuning sticker on my rear windshield!

Just want to say thanks to Bren and everything that he has done for me. I appreciate every single thing you did!

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