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Lend me your opinion please.
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Well quick back story, I have had a 96 legacy for about a year now, automatic trans btw. And so I also have an Rx7 which I had rebuilt but it was only about a month left of driving season for it(im in MN) and then I had to go back to the slushbox. And so I have not liked having a stick fo a little while and the itch got to me.

So I found a 98 Legacy L for $1200 I didnt think it was a horrible buy, because they threw in a new battery and too off some money for the alternator problem. I figured it was charging at 11.6 so ok...get a new alternator.

(Yes I know I was stupid by throwing parts at it.)

Well got a reman from autozone, that didn't take care of it and then terminals looked pretty bad too, plopped them in. Still 11.9 volts.

I am finally home(obviously) and can use my voltometer and maybe see if there is high resistance from the wires?

Anyway, then there are all these codes:

^And thats what it looks like going down the road.

Thanks for looking wish me luck! And any help is appreciated.

OH, and the dash lights dont work. Tried moving the signal switch on the left stalk and nothing.
So is this the way everything should look?

^oh and yes it was stationary when I took that photo.

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