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Originally Posted by BarManBean View Post
Buy / express interest with confidence here folks...
Thanks homey, I appreciate the sentiment.

Originally Posted by GTEASER View Post
Can you put a toggle switch in the bypass to select either OEM function or Bypass?
This simple bypass plug would not work for that, since it replaces the clutch switch on the end of the harness. What you're talking about is simple from an electronics standpoint though. You would leave the clutch pedal switch connected and add an SPST switch across the two clutch switch wires. With the SPST open, the clutch pedal switch functions like stock. With the SPST switch closed, the clutch pedal switch is bypassed.

The issue with me providing that is implementing it in a way that would appeal to enough buyers. In order to be plug-and-play with no splicing or soldering, I'd have to use both "sexes" of the oddball connector to basically intercept the factory wiring clip to the clutch switch, then run wires to a remote SPST switch. Because not everybody likes the same appearance of switches or wants to add one to the dash, if I was providing it I would probably use a small SPST toggle and put it in a little project box that could be mounted under the dash in some reasonably convenient location. This solution quadruples the parts cost and time to build, but it's easily doable. With multiple interested people I could probably do it for around $20-25 finished & shipped. I can make you a one-off but then I'm buying single quantity parts at higher per-unit cost. That doesn't appeal to my inner cheap bastard, but if you don't mind the extra cost then I'd be happy to build it.

If you don't need it to be plug-and-play and you're comfortable enough with wiring to do a secure job of cutting, splicing and soldering while crawled up under the dash, you could DIY using your choice of switch and mounting location for about $5.