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Originally Posted by dvancleve View Post
How do you manage the logistics on this? I really want to buy from an individual seller for AZ tax reasons (I would rather spend moolah on the car than give it to the state to mismanage ;^) I don't mind flying out and driving home, within a day or so distance anyway. I do wonder how you confirm that the car is what you think it is and that the seller won't sell it locally after the airfare is purchased, cashier's check procured etc.

Thanks, Doug
It is much easier to do than people think. I have purchased two cars out of state and one I flew out and drove home the other one I had shipped. First, start off by talking to the seller, one on one. Next ask for pictures and or videos. Any seller that really wants to sell his/her car will be more than willing to do these things. One thing that I found that helped me was to get preapproved for a loan amount and let them know that I already had the $. Next, any and all service records.

Most important thing to do is get your vehicle inspected by dealership or third party. Average dealer will charge $80-$120 for a pre-purchase inspection.
A good third party one is
They offer great service, detailed report, warranty, and not much more expensive than the dealer with more benefits. And you won't regret spending $150 for a car to find out that it's good or not and save you what ever you were gonna spend on it and never had it inspected. (Compression tests and leak down tests are something to consider)

Use THIS site to make sure the car isn't stolen.

Also, make sure you have a bill of sale drafted up that you, seller, your witness, and their witness signs. A couple more pointers I can give you if your really considering this...

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