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In October I spun a rod bearing, cylinder 1 I believe. After much deliberation and forum browsing I have decided on my course of action;

1. I am keeping her N/A. She's going to be my DD.
2. I want to rebuild the motor I have.
3. I want to build it better than stock.
4. I want to keep all "upgrades" within the stock ECU parameters.

I have done some basic research bouncing around forums, and this is where I'm at parts wise. Of course this is speculative, and I welcome additional information or opinions. BUT PLEASE KEEP IN MIND MY 4 OBJECTIVES ABOVE.

STI oil pump or after market oil pump (I forget the name, I have it written down somewhere). Anything bigger then 7mm.
Port the oil pick up lines for smoother flow.
Eagle piston rods (they'll be needed down the road)
Pistons I'm not sure on, hoping for insight from yall.
'04-'06 EJ257/255 head gasket -p/n 11044AA642 Port and polish heads, intake and header to match.
Delta cams - stage 2 regrinds?
Valve train leave alone?
New valves and stem seals
'05 RS engine mounts, GrPN trans mount, urethane filled differential mounts. This will ease the bucking when letting off the throttle? Yes?
Hypersingle clutch with spring hub and lighter flywheel
Oh and light weight pulleys.

I welcome all opinions and advice, so what do yall think?
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