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Originally Posted by BDII View Post
Thread Title: 1/4-1/8th: location of run, Vehicle, time/speed
example: 1/4 mile, NHIS, 2005 LGT, 13.6 @107mph

Event: track run
Loaction: name of the Track
Date: 08/11/2010

Ambient Temp: in F
Elevation: Google can help you with this
Weather: Rain? Snow? clear?

Car: year, make and model
Tuner: Name of person and shop
Track info:
Transmission: 5speed, 6speed, PPG, JDM, ect ect
Peak Horse Power at RPM: The RPM that you reached max HP
Peak Torque at RPM: The RPM you reached Max TQ
Fuel: Octane rating if pump, octane and brand if specialty fuel
Engine/Power Modifications: Anything that adds horsepower that you have added to your car. i.e. bigger turbo, intercooler, exhaust, injectors
Driveline Modifications: Stock/Upgraded clutch, light weight flywheel, upgraded drive shaft, upgraded rear or center diff.
Suspension Modifications: struts, springs, coilovers, braces, bushings, and other items that reduce body motion and increase power transfer to the ground
Other Modifications: weight removal, addition of a roll cage, lighter wheels or rotors, smaller than OE diameter tires, and other items that affect vehicle weight, rotational inertia, and power delivered to the contact patch
Picture of Dyno Plot and AFR/Boost Plot: Ask your tuner for this or copy it from your tuning software