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Originally Posted by PoManzAWD View Post

Cold temps definitely effect the MPGs on my 2012 2.5i CVT. It's almost instantly noticeable.

As soon as ambient temps get to freezing or below, my 2012 EJ253 w/ CVT drops from ~30mpg average tank/tank to ~28mpg. You can see this change pretty much instantaneously on the avg mpg readout on the dash and it hand calculates out to typically be 0.5 to 1 mpg worse than the dash reading.

This is with or without the supposed "winter blend" changeover.

2012 CVT here too-

My past two fill-ups have seen a dramatic drop in mileage. I was averaging about 31 over the summer and once it got below 40 degrees it went to 29 mpg (probably winter blend). This is all at about 70% highway at 65 mph. And, I baby it. Gas isn't cheap.

Now that it's in the 20-30 degrees outside... I'm really concerned that the mileage estimator on the car is reading 25.1 on my current tank. That's <24 in calculated mpg. True, this past week has seen some short trips, but that's going to hurt if it keeps up! I can't imagine that we have just switched to winter blend in OH in the last 2 weeks, this is due to temperature. It was noticeable last year as well, in the 20's I averaged about 22 mpg.

Anyone else notice a huge (~6 mpg) drop with cold weather?

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