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Originally Posted by Cody480 View Post
Ok ill check the turbo early in the morning. I did go to AutoZone to check the code but by the time i got there the CEL was not on and the code didnt stick so they couldnt find anything. My other questions are you said that the oil filler smoke was an indication of the piston area. And if its the turbo would the oil have been in those areas or not? I plan to do as many tests as I can in the morning time, Im just trying to grasp what i need to look for in the morning.
misfire's cause check engine light blinking, was it blinking? misfire CEL can turn off on its own while driving. im not talking about the cruise and SI drive lights, the actual CEL. the smoke out of the oil filler is not good, but, i suppose it would be possible a blown turbo could create this- not sure, all i know is cracked ringlands more times than not cause this.

a compression test will rule out piston problems....simple as that. turbo shaft play check will determine if the turbo is the culprit of all this. i doubt you blew BOTH, but odder things have happened on this site.... thats why a comp test and shaft play check will immediately rule out the top 2 contenders of these symptoms.