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Originally Posted by ChemicalWaste View Post
Attracting the attention of an officer does not imply guilt. Especially a charge as serious as reckless op. Hitting the gas hard is also not illegal. Hitting the gas hard and almost hitting someone in a crosswalk is. In Ohio we have excessive acceleration. I think you need to talk to a lawyer and be completely honest with him. Whether you're guilty of a crime or not, tell him everything. I see reckless op being a heavy charge based on what you said, but there are always three sides to a story.
What do you mean "Hitting the gas hard is not illegal"

Sorry hun but yes it is and they have multiple names for it.

Excessive Acceleration, Exhibition of Speed, Wreckless driving, etc

It *IS* illegal to to accelerate "excessively" and it's all up to the judgment of the officer to give you a ticket or not.

I don't know if you've ever been to court over a ticket that's how the Judge/prosecution thinks.

Originally Posted by BDII View Post
in most states reckless does not apply to private property. If you're in a parking lot of a store, that's private property.

Check your state laws and consult an attorney.
Ignore the first part and just call an attorney. The O.P was leaving a parking lot. It's obvious the O.P was trying to get his tires to chirp or accelerate as hard has he can out of the parking lot. He didn't look for cops first and got caught.

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