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Originally Posted by Max Capacity View Post
I'm guessing no.

External coolers are made to help not be the only source of cooling.
What? Your way wrong man. People run external coolers for transmissions, engines and diffs and they work great. Actually a external trans cooler, installed in a place it will get sufficient air, will have a far better cooling efficiency then the cooler located inside a radiator. Think about it, a cooler inside a radiator is being cooled by hot engine coolant where a external cooler is being cooled by air and also the time it takes the fluid to flow through the entire cooler.
If you ever worked on a EVO 10 you would notice that they have external coolers for their transmissions (auto and Mtm) transfer case and rear diffs from the factory. I have a simular set up on my Supra. One for the engine oil, my MTM and my rear diff. Granted the trans and rear diff needed a pump to circulate the fluid but it will help keep my cars drivetrain a lot cooler during events.