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Originally Posted by Kamen View Post

I am looking at several vehicles, one of them a 2008 outback XT with 66K miles on it. The owner hasn't been very diligent with its maintenance and might have lapsed on oil changes a couple of times (possibly, up to 10,000 miles in between oil changes).

Extended OCI will not harm any thing. As long they used the right oil & filter to protect for the OCI they used. And keep the oil top-offed.

I have almost 210k on the original VF-40 turbo & motor. Stage 2+ 18.5 psi of boost. My Avg. OCI is 15k. Compression test at 174k, was 145,147 145,150psi.

Oil history from day1:

New. SOA filter & oil 4000 miles
1st. oil & filter change till 30k, Mobil1, 5w-30 every 6000 miles \ Fram oil
filter every 3000 miles.
Amsoil 0w-30 SSO and Amsoil Ea oil filter, Ea15k13 oil filter at 30k-73k .
At 73K, my filtration I use. My oil system now is 7qt. I add 2-4qts over the 15k OCI.
Oil consummation hasn't change sense car was new.
Most off the shelf oil filter, filter down between 20 & 40 microns. Amsoil full-flow oil filter is 15 microns & Amsoil By-Pass oil filter is 2 microns.
This filtration system add 2qts. of oil to you motor. Which help keep the oil cooler.

My GT mileage; over 209k +, will be over 210k by the weekend.

My G\F's 05 WRX use same oil & OCI, but uses 1 single spin-on, Ea15k13 oil filter. The WRX as over 150k. I add 2-4qts over the 15k OCI.
Oil consummation hasn't change sense car was new.
My 07 Pontiac Solstice GXP, 2.0L DI turbo charge motor, Same oil & OCI, but No Ea filter is available. I use a WIX filter. Change oil filter only every 5k. GXP as over 84k. No oil consummation over it's 15k OCI.

In short, check you oil level often & top as needed. Use oil & filter that will protect for the OCI your running. OA's is the only way you know that your oil & filter is up for the challenge. After that IMO no OA's are needed.

But if have any doubts, walk away.
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