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Originally Posted by nstg8r View Post
So, what you're telling me is California DMV can prevent you from re-registering your car because of a recall you may or may not have been notified about yet considering how Subaru "rolled' out their recall notices?
Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. This isn't my decree, this is DMV rules, argue with it all you want, I have little interest in arguiring with you about simple fact.

Originally Posted by nstg8r View Post
Besides, the OP and I don't live in California. Neither does dgoodhue who you were originally replying to.
Perhaps I was trying to help others on this forum that might be confused by your misinformation. I can't speak for DMV regulations in other states, which is why I said what occurs here in CA. Believe it or not, people affected by this recall, and on this forum, live in CA.

Originally Posted by nstg8r View Post
The only time I know of when a vehicle recall has to be taken care of before inspection/registration is if it's a safety related recall like air bags, brakes, tires, etc. And even then, the NHTSA has to notify DMV. This particular recall isn't even listed on the NHTSA's website.
The recall has nothing to do with safety, as clearly stated in the notification text. There is no reason it would be listed on the NHTSA's website.

This forum serves much more people than those who start threads. Try to help others instead of just trying to create arguments. If everyone posted like you, no one would ever get good information from these forums.

For anyone interested in obtaining accurate and factual information rather than conjecture and hearsay, here is the link for the recall notification to read for yourself.
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