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Originally Posted by Roche View Post
So yesterday I got a good fresh oil change, found out the dealer has been using a crap oil filter and not the ones I specifically paid for...anyway, I filled it up today with gas for the first time in a while, put it in 2nd (1st is too short so I skip it) down the road the cruise light starts flashing and the engine light comes on. I bring it to autozone crossing my fingers for an o2 sensor when he reads out "Camshaft timing positioning sensor, timing belt, cam timing is off" or something along those lines.
I am $1300 behind on my car meaning I have to take out most of my paycheck every week just to get caught up by February, and now I have this?!

Can I just get the timing belt done or is this something more serious? I have to drive to work every day, what are the odds the engine will snap on me? It's not running differently. I'm at 102,229 miles. Just the night before my mechanic said not to worry about the timing belt and just focus on not getting the car taken now what do I do? I still have to drive it to work
Well at 102k miles you have about 3k miles before you need to replace the belt/tensioner/etc. I would not take your mechanic's advice on not to worry about the bet, unless he is going to replace your engine for you for free...

With that said the code you are getting sounds like it may only be a sensor, but it could also be the tensioner allowing the belt to skip a tooth.

I would at this point do the Timing Belt kit and then possibly do the sensor if doing the belt itself doesn't fix the issue, since you are due for the TB anyway.

I know that isn't the answer you wanted to hear but it is the truth.

-Mike Paisan

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