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Long time member who's since moved on to the STi crowd. Just wanted to talk about my experience and sing my praises for Mike/Tuning Alliance's maps.

Mike's been tuning my 2 cars for over 5 years now. I bought a 2008 LGT (auttomagic) fresh off the trucks, which after a brief break-in period I obviously felt the need to mod out. Having heard great things about TA and also with his location being close to me in MA, it was an easy choice.

Got the Cobb AP and got a Stage 1 E-tune from Mike. That ran great for a while, car was much smoother than stock. Power delivery was right, no "dip", car was overall more fun to drive. Stayed there for about 12-18 months, then jumped to stage 2 with a gutted DP and perrin CBE. Appx 25-30k miles going to Stage 2.

Clearly Stage 2 was night and day. Car ran awesome and was a hell of a lot more fun to drive. I was able to go see Mike at his shop, and we did some road tuning sessions to get my stage 2 tune right rather than sending back and forth logs. He took the time to jump in my car and take care of it, something I hadn't expected so that was awesome. Going through each stage also gave me an appreciation for the gains given by each. I drove that at stage 2 until about 60k miles, and then got the urge to go car shopping.

Ran into a 2010 STi Special edition that someone had cancelled their order on. Got a good trade in on the LGT, and stripped it down before sending it for trade for my new STi. Upon purchase, the butt-dyno would say that the LGT with Stage 2 was faster than the STi stock, despite the LGT being an auto. I knew the Cobb AP would transfer right over, so I was pumped to see the gains I could get from the STi.

Emailed Mike up quickly, he remembered me and told me he'd hook me up on a Stage 1 E-map for the new car. Instantly my new baby was faster than out of the gate: quicker, more responsive, better power delivery than stock. It's amazing how much Subaru leaves on the table/Mike can squeeze out.

Much like the LGT, Stage 1 served its purpose for a while and it was time for the next thing. Threw a new HF catted DP on the STi and got Mike to send me a new map for Stage 2. STi with Stage 2 is like a bat out of hell. Easily one of the fastest cars I have personally ever driven. Even had some trouble with the AP loading the new map, and Mike was able to kindly point me through my PEBKAC problem over IM (thx Mike!). There was a day or so I couldn't load the TA map, that I ran the Cobb OTS Stage 2. Putting Mike's map on was night and day to the Cobb, whereas the Cobb felt very noticeable but conservative, Mike's felt engaging and powerful.

Mike has been very responsive to emails, IM's and otherwise helpful during the 5+ years tuning my 2 Subaru's. I've had several map revisions, multiple cars, and multiple other run-ins with Mike and they have all been great. Never had any issues with the LGT with about 60k worth of his tunes on it, and the STi is running strong at 30k+ at Stage 2 now (~20k at Stage 1).

Living in fairly close proximity and knowing his familiarity with Subaru vehicles, I even called upon Mike to do my 30k service and some other work on the LGT when I had it! He changed all the fluids (tranny, gear, coolant, brake fluid) swapped in good synthetics which he had procured for me at a very reasonable price, and lastly through on some Hawk pads all around. Having Mike do the work with all sythetic fluids, plus a brake pad install, was still cheaper than my dealer wanted. As I mentioned the car ran for another 30k before I traded it, and I actually know the guy who bought it from that dealer who is still driving it without issues.

I would HIGHLY recommend Tuning Alliance maps for anyone looking for an economical, safe, and powerful tune from a trusted Subaru guy. Product is stellar, and is only outmatched by the customer service Mike provides. I've sent a couple people to TA since who have been happy as well.

Once I payoff the STi in < 2 yrs we're buying another family car (XV Crosstrek maybe), at which point the STi will likely get a bigger turbo and bigger makeover. We'll be in touch, Mike!


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