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I just replaced the RF hub on my '06 LGT. Now I have the problem described in this thread.

The hub I used is a Carquest, standard grade. I don't know who makes their standard-line, maybe Cardone. Anyway, the ABS light was never on after the repair, it was on during the initial test when the car was on jackstands. After the repair, the Check Engine light was on for three run cycles, and the and CRUISE light was flashing all that time, and during that time the cruise control would not work.

Now that the Check Engine Light is off and the CRUISE light is off the cruise control works. But, I can feel the cruise control working, revving the engine slightly. I removed the positive battery cable and held the brake pedal down for 30 seconds to deplete remaining charge. Then I replaced the battery cable and turned the key on for 60 seconds to let the CAN system reinitialize. I still have the problem with the cruise control.

I called my Carquest dealer to describe the problem and they basically don't believe the hub could be the problem and won't let me return the hub.

So here's my question: Does anybody have any idea what the root problem is, why only a few premium hubs (Timken, others listed in the DIY thread) will work?