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My trade was a dealer car with an accident in its car fax history with some light visible damage very light but still you can tell it was in a little minor situation. There some minor but visible flaws in the paint and normal dents in the body panels which although are normal one is particularly bad.

Also on my trade there is touchup paint all over the car a few of the seams don't line up and two of my rims have serious chips in them I mean one is pretty bad can't even get it fixed would have to replace rim the other is fixable maybe (they never commit). My trade needs new tires also has the original Yokohama with less than 5/32 tread depth new car has around 8/32 unfortunately again probably the original tires (bridgestones) of which I have heard some pretty terrible things but whatever.

Saying that my trade-in according to kbb should be around 10,800 if in perfect condition and I got 11,500 I wanted 12k.

Now the car I am buying is nearly perfect condition only a few minor normal use scrapes and a little under the front end bumper rough scratches probably from rubbing on a parking barrier but it is only like one inch of scratches. Rims are near perfect and I mean no road rash a few little nearly imperceptable scratches.

My car is out of warranty the 2011 is still in warranty.

I am not sure if the winter has much to do with it to be honest I have noticed that there are a lot of Subies up for sale lately where I live this was one of many that I considered.All the ones I looked at were listed for approx 21-23k, saying that I am sure they will take a 2k hit to sell.

This dealer actually called me since they are an Infiniti dealer and I guarantee they paid over the kbb value for the car so they are probably making around 1500 on the sale and taking a big risk with my car I am pretty sure they will lose some if they have to auction it (the car would auction no higher than 10k and then there is transportation charges for the dealer). If I were to appraise the resale value of my car (what I would pay I would not pay over 12,500 for it) and I would have made them give me new tires.

My only concern is thet they have issues trying to get me financing but that would be in my favor because I would simply make them split any difference in down payment to get the financing I WILL NOT cave since I can simply drive away no problem, So I may end up with a slightly better deal at the end of this little adventure I will keep everyone posted.

Overall I think I did well although you can always do better if I had a near perfect trade with no accidents and a personal car then I would have done 1,500 dollars better but that is not the case.

One last thing I realize I made some mistakes with my purchase of my 2008 I bought it at Clay and they seriously messed with me which is no excuse but just saying. Also I needed to learn how to inspect cars better in the past I had done a bang up job but for some reason on the Subie I missed a lot of little things for some reason I was going through a serious dark period in my life and I guess I was just kidding myself so this is a corrective action in some respects.

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