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I assume they are the original mounts since I bought the car with only 18,000 miles on it, so there would be about 61,000 miles on them. To be honest, I don't remember if there was a washer. We did so much work that day that everything kind of blurs together, but I don't seem to remember there being a washer. Although, my friend did more of the work than I did since he is the car guy. Would the washer be included with the mounts if I were to purchase new ones?
As far as the LCA bushings go, I put in Whiteline Front Inner Rear Bushings (W53353).
I had purchased the Inner Fronts as well, but the stock ones seemed fine since they don't have the torque on them like the rears do. Also, it would have been nearly impossible to press them in and out with the tools and press we had. I had not planned on replacing the ball joints, but once everything was apart they seemed worn, so I picked up some Moog balljoints from a local auto parts store since we had everything apart already.
The strangest part about all of this is that every time I get new parts installed, the car rides great for a week or two, then it gradually degrades back to where I started. This happened after I got new tires in the summer, when I installed the LCA bushings along with the balljoints and endlinks, and once again when i put the struts in. So on 3 separate occasions, the car drove great for a short period of time. A local mechanic had me convinced that I had a bad tire. I didn't want to believe him, but then I got new tires a couple months later and it was like a new car. Only for a couple weeks though. Even before I had started replacing all these parts, and before the ride/steering got really bad, the problem was intermittent as well. Its lasted for about a year now. It would drive great for a few days/week/weeks, then for a few days it would feel like the car was falling apart. Then one day it would be fine again. That's why it was hard to diagnose because it wasn't always present. It was like something would get "stuck" and then pop back into position. Well, eventually it got to the point where it was just bad all the time. This is my 4th car now, and I've never had any sort of problem like this, and it's just been frustrating as hell that I can't figure it out.