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Strut Mounts?
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Hey guys. I've been working on my suspension for some time now and replacing parts based on the advice of others on the forum. I'm still having some trouble with ride quality/steering, and nobody can seem to diagnose the problem. I've even taken my Legacy into Subaru, and they said they couldn't find anything. Here's what I've replaced or upgraded:
Whiteline LCA Bushings (front)
Rallitek Endlinks (front)
Ball Joints
Struts (Front and Rear)
These replacements have improved the quality somewhat, but it's still driving horribly. When I replaced the struts, I left the stock mounts and springs. I brought the front struts into a local mechanic friend just to make sure everything was installed correctly since a friend and I did the strut work ourselves. He made a comment about the mounts spinning too freely. There's almost no resistence. It's like spinning a skateboard wheel. I know they should obviously move because the wheel has to turn. Everything seemed to check out besides that, and there does not seem to be play in the mounts, but then again, it's me putting force on them, not thousands of pounds of the car when driving. He said he has never seen mounts spin like that, but I don't think he has worked on Subarus that much. Do you think this is the source of my problem? The ride is rough, and the steering has been loose compared to when I got the car at 18,000 miles (now has 60,000). There doesn't seem to be signs of bad tie rods or bearings (no popping or whirring noise). I took a video of the mount spinning before I put the struts back in. Here is a YouTube link to the video so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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