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Originally Posted by robitrice View Post
its called optimal shift point......just cause there is a redline doesnt mean you shift at redline. When you accelerate you are feeling TQ, thats why it feels quick from 3K-5K rpms and then tq plummets. Having a 5eat doesn't help that feeling at all. Quick is TQ and Fast is HP, like someone said there is quick and there is fast, a big difference. These turbo's were put on a car meant to be driven in stock form. The avg person does not drive spirited so a turbo designed for dd will produce more low end power as that is the reality of the cars use. If you want more up top you need a bigger turbo, you can adjust the boost and hold whatever psi you want at redline but if anything you will just be turning it into a hair dryer and run it past its efficiency level.
I'm well aware of shift points. Thank you.

A motor that has 1K of unusable power in the rev range is a bad design. However you want to look at it, it's just a reminder of how poorly these cars are designed.